National Sheriffs Convention Holds Workshop on “Priority Response”

The National Sheriffs Association June convention, attracting more than 4,000 sheriffs
from across the United States, will include a workshop on Priority Response to
Enhanced Video Alarms...

Response-Ability - More Arrests, Greater Safety, Lower Costs

Encouraging video alarm systems by updating dispatch policy is making sheriffs more efficient and delivering more arrests. ..
Monitoring the staff pays off
Installing online cameras helped one restaurant owner
boost profits by 40%.

Eye in the Sky: A New Way to Combat Crime

When it comes to fighting crime, Philadelphia is undergoing a video revolution.

Audio and Video Surveillance in the Workplace

Many employers consider video and other surveillance key to keeping an honest
and productive workplace.

Priority Response – a “win” for every stakeholder

The security industry is making an effort to build a new level of partnership with Law
Enforcement for greater community life/safety...